How to Film a Professional Looking Video on a Budget

Today I’m here to teach to you a little bit about how to film a professional looking video on a budget.

To record a professional video you’re going to need three things. One, a camera, two lighting, and three, audio.

How good your video looks, is not really dependent on how expensive your camera is. It’s more about how you light. For a budget camera, just use your phone. A lot of modern day smartphones can record 4K, you can control the exposure, and they’re pretty close to a modern day DSLR.

For budget lighting, the best thing that I would do is film next to a window or outside, just using natural light. The sun is the best light. And a lot of professional film and video shoots use a lot of natural light. As much as they can. Or maybe it’s just not a sunny day or you’re shooting at nighttime. I would say, just use anything around you that’s a light source, you could use a lamp, you could use a flashlight, even the flashlight on your phone.

For budget audio, you can use your camera microphone, if anything. Your camera microphone is fine as long as you’re using it in a controlled environment, like a small room or a room with a lot of furniture, where you’re not getting reverb bouncing around all over the place. Just make sure you don’t hear an echo in the room. If you film your videos in a controlled environment, it will sound decent. If you don’t want to use the camera microphone, you could invest in a Blue Snowball. I’ve used the Blue Snowball in the past myself on personal projects. And it’s a pretty good microphone for the deal of 69.99CAD.

We’ve provided you with some tips on how to film a professional looking video without spending a lot of money. However, If you need help filming your next large scale project, contact us today!