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We’re extremely pleased to introduce you to our CAAS (Creative As A Service) graphic design system.

For one, if you are in the northern hemisphere, you want to work with a company that delivers the highest quality but is also super easy to communicate with.

You also want a simple to understand graphic design pricing structure.

Because let’s face it. Paying an hourly rate to a designer is extremely hit and miss.

Some designers may be efficient while others will be painfully slow and therefore you’re exposed to the russian roulette of whether or not you will end up paying an appropriate rate for the job.

We were frustrated with that system too. There are just too many variables making quoting challenging, but more importantly making it difficult for your business to plan work around unknown pricing.

Additionally, your business deserves to work with qualified and professional designers that have worked in hundreds of industry verticals.

Thus, having the necessary skills to better understand project requirements faster with less back-and-forth.

That’s honestly where our CAAS (Creative As A Service) system really shines.

We don’t cut corners. Because we believe that all of your marketing communication materials need to be high level.
You need a website design that properly guides visitors.

You need your social media content and digital ads to stand out and command attention.

You need all your marketing materials to be cohesive and unified.

So how have we redefined how you hire a graphic design specialist?

Here’s our solution for you…

When you purchase one of our graphic design retainer packages you’ll get:

  • A dedicated Canadian based graphic designer with at least 2+ years experience.
  • You’re buying pieces NOT hours. It’s on us to deliver the project efficiently.
  • Design revisions included if necessary without any additional costs.
  • An easy to use digital communication system to make all your design requests and see the progress.

Our second point above is our secret sauce.

As you can see, you’re buying a number of design pieces, not hourly time.

This helps you focus on how many jobs you need rather than how much time it may take to design them.

That eliminates budgeting guess work and makes our relationship with business easy and streamlined.

And, while we understand that every business has some unique needs, we’ve developed 3 graphic design pricing structures to make it easy to choose from.

Graphic Design Packages


  • Design Brief Templates & Consultations
  • Dedicated Graphic Designer
  • 8 Designs
  • 8 Included Revision Requests
  • 2 Months to Request Design Pieces


  • Design Brief Templates & Consultations
  • Dedicated Graphic Designer
  • 24 Designs
  • 24 Included Revision Requests
  • 8 Months to Request Design Pieces

Graphic Design By Artrageous

We’ve set it up so you only pay for designs, not hourly time!

Designs may include:

business cards icon

Business Cards

flyers icon


brochures icon


poster icon


social media post template icon

Social Media Post Templates

stationary icon



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