How To Track Video Minutes Watched on Facebook

Today I’m going to discuss the importance of videos on social media channels like Facebook and how you can track video minutes watched. 

When you’ve published a video to your page, you can see basic information like the number of people reached or the engagements on that piece of content. Even likes and comments or something you can see quickly right on your page.

But if you scroll over to the insights sections of your social media channel, particularly on Facebook,  you can click on the title of the video. And what you will notice is, we can see, “Minutes Viewed.” So a total of 60 minutes viewed for this particular video. And you can see other smaller breakdowns and the average video watch-time. So, what this does is it ultimately helps you understand how much time your audience is viewing your content. But also, what the average video watch time is, and how you can work on then creating video content within that average time frame. To help you build more concise videos and to help you actually get full viewership of your video content on a more consistent basis

Now, again, there are some videos that are going to have to be longer than others, but it really gives you an insight into this. The other reason that I love this feature and to see that minutes viewed is just in terms of basically, traditional style media. When you think about total minutes viewed, you can consider that to be like paying for radio time or TV time, and what’s a really powerful aspect of that is now you’ve got the exact information you need to determine how long or how much time someone has actually spent with that particular video, and work on creating better, better and better videos. 

So again, take the time to go to your insights, click on those posts, those video posts, and have a look at your total minutes viewed. You’ll be happy you did.