Understanding Your Social Media Insights and What it Means for Your Business

Today, we’re going to talk about understanding your social media insights and what it means for your business.

It’s great to say, “Wow, this post got 50 ‘likes’!” “Look who commented on this.” But what does it really mean for you? Let’s start with a page “like.” If someone likes your page or follows your account, that’s a commitment. People have done that, because they want to keep updated with you. They want to learn more about your business and the service you offer. When it comes to reach, that’s exposure. You could think of it like views to your content. It’s important to know, there’s a lot of myths out there, that your reach or your exposure is limited by your follower count. Just because you only have 300 followers, it doesn’t mean that anything is going to keep you from reaching 3000+ every month.

You might see page views in your Facebook insights. If you’ve gotten page views, that means someone’s actually searched for your business in the Facebook or Instagram search. Or they’ve seen one of your posts and been intrigued enough to click on to the page. These are interested people. If someone’s given you a page view, you’ve lured them in as a potential customer.

Lastly of the examples I’ll talk about today is video views. Facebook will show you video views, but it’ll also tell you video minutes watched. You might have 300 video views for the month that could translate into 3000 minutes watched, which could be five hours of watch time. You could think about that as time watched on television, that’s a huge investment. There aren’t just numbers, these actually mean something, and it’s important to understand why.