Why You Need to Create Purpose-Driven Content in 2022

Today, I want to talk about purpose-driven content and what that means. I’ve heard from a lot of friends, customers, business associates, etc. And they struggle with the concept of purpose-driven content. 


What Is Purpose-Driven Content Marketing?

What that basically means is that when you’re thinking about putting out content for your social channels like YouTube, you want to have a purpose for it, and what is the purpose of the content you’re going to put out? Is it intended to entertain? Is it intended to educate someone? Is it intended to drive leads, for example?

Before you do anything else, think about the purpose of your content. From there, you can start to determine the strategy of where that’s going to be placed. For example, is the audience best set for a YouTube market, a Facebook market, or Instagram? 


Determine What Matters to Your Audience

You need to determine what that looks like. You might say, “Well, I want it to be ROI-based, because I’m a business owner and I want my return on investment.” While I understand that, one of the areas that you need to focus on, again, is “what is the purpose of the video?”

To give you a brief example of that, I wanted to share a previous experience of ours, pre-pandemic, where we did a little dance video and that dance video was intended to showcase our team in a fun, unique way. We didn’t talk about our services. We didn’t talk about what we did. We just simply wanted to showcase that we were a fun group to work with and help our followers get to know us a little bit. 

There was no sales pitch in there. There was no desire to create sales in that piece of content. The purpose was to make people smile, laugh, and feel engaged with us. However, the result of that video campaign yielded around $340 thousand in closed business. The viewers of that video got to see our company as a fun and engaging environment. This helped them feel comfortable working with us.

Going back to purpose-driven content, the intent was to entertain people and show how fun we were. The result was that we generated that ROI without it being the purpose. 

There are other strategies, obviously, that are purpose-built for generating leads and we use other methods to do that, but again, in terms of your content, what is the intended purpose? How are you going to deliver that? What platforms are you going to deliver that on? And then the rest follows into play. Hopefully this tip helped you out!