How To Humanize Your Corporate Content

Today, we’re going to talk about humanizing your corporate content. Corporations seem to struggle lots with talking in a natural way. I see a lot of posts; for example, that say, “We at,” or “here at.” Then they go on to talk about it. 

First and foremost, your social media content already says where it’s coming from, so you don’t need to reiterate that, but you need to think about talking naturally like you’re talking at the dinner table. Like you’re talking to another person, for example. 

One of the ways you can do that is by just being natural. You would not say, “Here at Levi Guerra, I’m going to eat the mashed potatoes.” You would just say, “Hey, I’m going to have some mashed potatoes.” That’s a really simple way of thinking about how you need to have that kind of conversation on your social media channels. 


Get your staff members involved

Another thing to consider is getting your staff involved, and yourself involved, in front of the camera, whether that be through photography or videography. Getting out of your comfort zone and getting in front of the camera… Trust me, I don’t like being in front of the camera, but here I am to show you that I’m the face of my business. 

Get in front of that camera, show your staff, get your staff involved in creating little tidbits of video or photography content from their perspective, so that you can really see how things kind of happen and become natural.


Ask questions on social media

Next is asking questions. Ask poll questions; for example, with your content. Ask general questions with your content. When comments start flowing through, make sure you take the time to respond to the comments as an individual. No robotic replies.

Again, in order to humanize your corporate content, think about yourself, and the person you’re talking to, as one human being. You’re not trying to talk to everybody. You’re trying to talk to one person, and that’s really a great way to bring down that corporate tone and feel more natural and more human, so that you can come across as someone who can be trusted in your geographical area.