Cash Flow is King

Levi Guerra sat down with Loralee Burton from Insight Chartered Accountants and talked about the importance of cash flow, and setting up your systems and people for success!

Levi: You took me on, and you kind of became my business mom and told me what I needed to do. You got me on the right path.

Loralee: As a new business owner I think some of the most important conversations you have is with a Lawyer, and with an Accountant. A lot of mistakes new business owners make is bringing on new partners or shareholders even if they haven’t known them for very long. They really don’t understand if they are going to get along once the stress comes along. I always say to work with someone for five years. If after that time you get along, then you can consider bringing them on as a partner.

Levi: The truth is that partners, if they are the right partners, are one of the best ways to grow your business. Having good partners is how you get to that next step.

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