The project

Bridge City Chrysler is one of our longest running All-in-one marketing package partners. The main focus is local advertising to push vehicle sales on their lot through social media management, and billboard/online advertising.

GOAL:  Bridge City needed monthly customer leads facing steep competition, difficult market conditions, and a finite budget.

SOLUTION: A strong and consistent online social media presence with regularly updated content/styles, complimented by trackable hard-sell tactics and reporting.

RESULT: Artrageous’ online strategy for Bridge City generates an average of 207,000 impressions monthly, generates healthy customer engagement and establishes local recognition of Bridge City and its staff. Our efforts in Google Search ads alone generate an average of 33 conversions per month.


DAVID & GOLIATH: To put those 33 calls into context, Artrageous’ lead-generation strategy is so successful that we recently outperformed Amazon and AutoTrader’s combined advertising efforts. With less than half the budget, we generated a ratio of 3-1 in terms of our conversions versus the two advertising giants’ total leads combined.


Bridge City Chrysler



2015 – Current

Video Production

We have produced a wide array of videos from funny videos such as "truck, truck trucks!" to serious cinematic videos like "How will Uconnect this summer?".