Tips to Start Your Business

That’s my belief in business. If you really, really want something, go for it!


Vicky: When we hire people, we have them work a 3 hour shift, and then we sit down with them and discuss whether it will work out. We kind of do a 2-step interview.


Levi: I think that there is a misconception that since you are the business owner, you have all of the answers.

Vicky: I also believe that if you have the opportunity to work with your staff, you should because you will learn some of their tricks, and they will learn some of mine.

Levi: If we’re giving advice to people that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, don’t be beyond getting in the trenches and helping your team. Entrepreneurs also need to understand the work you need to put in early on. It’s part of the process in building something great. Great doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most money, but just great because you love it.

Vicky: How many times have you heard “you get back what you put into it”. You gotta spend money to make money. If you don’t hire a promotion person or an accountant to help you, you’re not going to get ahead. You can’t do it all yourself. Do what you do best!

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