The 20% Rule for Facebook Ads

You’re about to launch an ad for Facebook. You put all the important elements on your graphic. You included the product, a sale title, dates, your phone number, your web URL and your logo. You think it’s perfect, but is it?

The reality is that Facebook only allows for 20% of the image ad to contain text. The text includes logos, slogans and other text you place. If you go beyond this scale Facebook will either limit your potential ad visibility or reject it all together.

Here is an example of the 20% rule. This is all the text your ad image should contain based on Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

The 20% Rule For Facebook Ads

As you can see, Facebook allows for limited text on the ad, as they suggest that ads with small amounts of overlaying text perform better than ones that have too much wording. That is why they recommend using the Text Field above the image ad to get your message across.

So what is Artrageous Advertising’s top recommendations for Facebook ads? We’ve listed them below.

Try and use a high-quality image or video that evokes emotion without the need for words on it. This will ensure you are already on the right path to your advertising goal.

Do not include your logo in the ad. This takes up valuable space and isn’t needed. Why you ask? Because when your ad is placed, it is done so through your Facebook Page which already includes your logo and business name.

Write the text that will go above the image. This is the area that can include a more detailed message so potential customers know exactly what you are trying to convey to them.

Create a short attractive headline. Something like “Learn To Create Beautiful Facebook Ads”. As you can see this title attracts to those DIY types and helps them feel like they too can create beautiful ads if they just “learn more”.

Next is to drive the headline home by creating sub-text that will be displayed directly underneath your headline. This is where you write something short but adds value to why people should click for more. Something like “5 simple steps to great ads” will resonate well with people as per our headline example above.

Lastly, you’ll want to add your call to action. Facebook offers various types from “shop now” to “learn more” and many others to create a directional link to where you want people to go next. This could be a specific page on your website for a product or service. The more direct the ad is to the final link location the better. This allows for customers to not feel deceived by your ad. What I mean is that if you are promoting “running shoes” but send the customer to “all shoes” page, this could come off as misleading and will also hurt your relevance score with Facebook.

Now we won’t get into all the targeting options, ad relevancy and other fancy stuff just yet, we’ll save that for another post in the future. From what you can see from the tips provided, you could be well on your way to creating great ads for Facebook. If you don’t have the tools to create these ads, please contact the Artrageous Advertising team to make one for you. We’ll even write the content and headline and help determine your target audience.