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Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what just one of our Canadian RTM Homes customers has to say!

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“The team at Artrageous has been a supportive presence for The Hiebert Group over these past three years. With their expertise in Social Media, Web SEO and Online Ads, they gave us an overhaul of our marketing strategies – which has resulted in an average of 510 leads per year. Thank You!”

John Hiebert

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The housing industry is extremely competitive, and now more than ever it is essential to be getting in front of the right potential customers online.

In fact, there are over 50,000 monthly searches in Canada on Google alone for RTM Home-related keywords!

Having a reliable digital marketing solution for RTM homes is essential to ensure that your business is visible to potential customers when they are actively searching for the services you offer. If you fail to reach out to these potential customers through an effective advertising strategy, you risk losing them to your competitors.

In fact, by not having an online presence and not utilizing a proven ad strategy, you could be losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each month!!!

This is where our services can help.

Let’s face it… You need to keep your company busy with constant work and the last thing you need is to throw away your marketing dollars with an ineffective lead-generation agency.
The average lead-to-opportunity conversion rates typically range from 2-4%, which, in our opinion, is similar to throwing your money down the drain.

But with our proven strategy, you can expect to close around 10-30% of all customer calls and submissions we generate for your business. You read that right! You could be getting 5.0-7.5 times more customer conversions than the industry average.

Unlike other lead generation companies, we have proven time and time again that our strategies work at getting you, real customers. And that keeps your sales department, contractors and installation team, busy with new home construction jobs.

We have the knowledge and skills in the housing industry to create ad campaigns that convert leads into real customers. All the while lowering your cost-per-click to as little as $0.82 meaning your brand will have higher exposure rates roughly 10 times higher than industry averages.

What’s our secret to helping you get quality prospects?

Simply, a lot of hard work!

We don’t claim to have a secret sauce, or magic wand that will deliver you leads beyond your wildest dreams.

What we do have is a team of hard-working Digital Marketing & Advertising Experts whose results speak for themselves. We simply put the work in to maximize your results.

While this may sound extremely confident, that’s because we are! For the past 4 years straight we have delivered over 510 leads per year to just one RTM home-building company alone!

Revolutionizing RTM Homes Lead Generation Opportunities

At Artrageous, we know that the key to a successful Canadian RTM homes business is a steady stream of high-quality leads. That’s why we’ve designed our lead generation process to focus on driving local Canadian RTM homes companies with new calls and quote requests that turn into paying customers. With our highly transparent process, you’ll see exactly who, what, and when we delivered inbound sales opportunities – no fluff, just facts we can prove.

That means we remove all the fluff and work on facts we can prove!

Now, imagine this: If the average RTM home costs $150,000 (conservatively) and we generate 500 leads a year for your business, with a conversion rate of 10% – 30%, that would equate to an annual revenue of $7,500,000 – $22,500,000.

The best part? We deliver this premium service for Canadian RTM businesses for under $90,000 per year, INCLUDING ad spend. That’s a staggering 83-250 times the return on investment (ROI) for your business.

That kind of return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) should have you watering at the mouth to connect with us. But that’s ok you may need a little more information before getting to that step. So let’s dive in a little further…

Why should you choose Artrageous for your Canadian RTM home lead generation needs?

Proven Results

Our track record of success in Canada speaks for itself. We have helped numerous RTM businesses achieve remarkable growth through our lead-generation strategies.

Tailored Approach

We understand that every Canadian business is unique, and we customize our lead generation solutions to suit your specific needs, ensuring maximum results.

Industry Expertise

Our team of lead generation specialists has a deep understanding of the Canadian RTM homes market, and its customers, and is adept at navigating the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Long-term Partnership

We're not just another vendor; we're committed to being your partner in success, working alongside you to achieve your business goals.

Canadian Business

There is no outsourcing here. Our entire team is proudly located in Canada (specifically southern Alberta). The best part is we are a boutique digital advertising agency, which means we get intimately involved in your business because your success is our success.

RTM Questions & Answers

Here are some of our most frequently answered RTM marketing questions and answers.

We’ll show you exactly what they will cost. Transparently sharing information directly from Google or Social Media networks so you know we aren’t trying to hide anything from you in the process.

Yes, all calls are recorded. We use call tracking numbers that seamlessly direct callers to your phone and allow us to track all information related to the call, including audio recording of the conversation. We listen to the recording of these calls to determine where or not it is billable.

We will send you a detailed report every month that shows the number of leads you received, how many of them are billable, and what we will be adjusting for the following month.

No, all calls and emails come directly to you and are NEVER shared with your competitors or other businesses.


We offer only two exclusive partnerships per industry, per city. Ensuring the highest advertising quality and delivery outcomes.

You read that right.

We only work with a very select amount of organizations per industry per city.

This allows us to be hyper-focused on delivering the best results possible and gives our clients peace-of-mind knowing that we aren’t going to every single one of their competitors making the same offer.

It’s because of this practice that many of our clients have been partners with us for over 3+ years.

That should tell you something.

It should show you that we’re serious about generating quality results and long lasting relationships.

We could go on and on about all the reasons this is the best Google and Social Media Ads system you could find.

But, we’re a personable bunch at the office and we like to discuss things in-person or through video chat.

So, are you ready to CLAIM YOUR CITY?

Are you ready to be only one of two companies we will work with in your area?

Then let’s get to it!


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