The project

GOAL:  Blaine Hyggen was seeking Mayorship of Lethbridge. He needed to generate community and financial support, as well as effectively reach and communicate with voters in a four-month campaign under a tight $20,000 budget.  

SOLUTION: Artrageous developed a user-friendly website, and implemented a steady social media marketing strategy to establish strong brand visibility. This was done through daily audience polling on social media to generate public engagement, and weekly presentation videos to outline Mr. Hyggen’s responses and platform/brand values.

RESULT: Artrageous’ online strategy reached approx 700,000 social media users, tripled the Facebook page’s Followers/Likes, generated approx 160,000 engagements, 56,220 video minutes watched (937 hours), over 18,000 unique website visitors, and the website collected over $100,000 in donations to the campaign. These combined efforts generated the necessary online support to help Mr. Hyggen win the election.


Blaine Hyggen Mayoral Campaign




This website was designed to highlight Blaine Hyggen’s platform for Mayor of Lethbridge. It was also used to register volunteers, and accept donations for the campaign.

Branding Mockups

blaine hyggen for mayor yard sign on grass

Yard Signs

blaine hyggen listening to lethbridge logo


blaine hyggen support local logo

Alternative Logo