Blaine Hyggen

Case Study

Mayoral Campaign


Blaine Hyggen was seeking Mayorship of Lethbridge. He needed to generate community and financial support, as well as effectively reach and communicate with voters in a four-month campaign under a tight $20,000 budget.


Artrageous developed a user-friendly website, and implemented a steady social media marketing strategy to establish strong brand visibility. This was done through daily audience polling on social media to generate public engagement, and weekly presentation videos to outline Mr. Hyggen’s responses and platform/brand values.


Artrageous’ online strategy reached approx 700,000 social media users, tripled the Facebook page’s Followers/Likes, generated approx 160,000 engagements, 56,220 video minutes watched (937 hours), over 18,000 unique website visitors, and the website collected over $100,000 in donations to the campaign. These combined efforts generated the necessary online support to help Mr. Hyggen win the election.

Developing the Strategy

An integral aspect of the video content was the incorporation of concise and impactful messaging. Each video conveyed a clear vision for the city’s future under Mayor Hyggen’s leadership, focusing on key priorities such as economic growth, fiscal responsibility, and reduction of red tape. The messaging was designed to resonate with a wide range of constituents, highlighting the benefits and opportunities that Mayor Hyggen’s plans would bring to the community as a whole.

Another crucial aspect of the campaign’s success was the strategic distribution of the video content across various platforms and channels. The campaign team employed a data-driven approach to identify the most influential platforms and tailored the videos accordingly. By leveraging social media, broadcast channels, and local community networks, the campaign ensured maximum reach and engagement, effectively disseminating the mayor’s message to the target audience.

The Design

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