Perserverance and Preservation


Levi: You have 7 other people working with you. How did you build your team out? What were some of the struggles and successes?

Justin: Over the 2 years, we’ve definitely made some mistakes. Short-term thinking I guess is the way to put it. We brought people onto the team who had an idea of what this business should be because of previous experience. Now, we have people who have goals to do well in the future, and we want to do well with them. We want our employees to be part of the team as a partner.

Levi: As someone that has gone down the gauntlet of E-comm, what did you find was the best way to attract customers?

Justin: When I first started that business, I kind of did it Guerilla style. I would go on Facebook and join “How to build truck” groups, and I would make a post there. Every day I had a process where in the morning, I would post in 50 groups.

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