How to Start Networking for Your Business

Chelsea: I was ready for a challenge and I was ready to learn something new. I went out and was seeking new connections. I was trying to figure out where there were gaps in the industry. I got out there and I was networking, and I found it very difficult.

Chelsea: At that time, you had to sell yourself. I didn’t like talking about myself, it felt egotistical. So I had to learn to do that organically. I was doing it because there was value in what I was sharing. Over those 2 years, I really grew my network.

Chelsea: As I was growing my network, I was doing market research also. Finding out “what are your struggles with networking and connecting? What resources do you need in the community that would help you grow your business?”

Chelsea: For a year straight I committed to 5 interviews a day. It was so much work. You meet a lot of people and learn a lot about the community.

Levi: Right now people might see Chelsea, the owner of Collective, and think that you made it. But they won’t know how much work went into you getting here.

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