How To Successfully Manage Your Team

Tim: We try to reduce the workload for our employees. In the car industry, because we are so performance driven, and our employees get paid better when they perform, it can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean that their experiences shouldn’t be considered. We need our team members to have a really good experience, because that will translate to our customers. Too much pressure means that things start to fall apart.

Levi: So you bought in to the company in 2015. What was that feeling like?

Tim: Actually it’s an interesting lesson. Yes, it was important, and yes I’m lucky, and yes I deserved it, but unless I treated my staff right, unless I had a good time at work and enjoyed my job, that didn’t matter at all.

Tim: I learned that it’s more of an opportunity to be of service to your staff, and be a servant to them and help them be better.

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