How to Grow and Sustain a Small Town Business

Jay: My first grocery store was a franchise, but now I am a complete independent. There’s nobody to tell me what to do or how to do it. I prefer this way, but it is harder.

Levi: What are some of the challenges of operating an independent grocery store?

Jay: If you want amenities in your small communities, you have to do your part to support them. I try to shop local as much as I can.

Jay: To be a successful entrepreneur, of course you need drive, but you are going to need money, and you are going to have to take on risk. That’s all on top of working hard.

Levi: Is there one thing you would have told yourself knowing what you know today, back when you first started?

Jay: It’s going to take a lot more money and hard work than you think. But it is definitely worth it.

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