How To Build and Maintain Brand Consistency

Today we are going to discuss how you can build and maintain brand consistency to ensure your brand is instantly recognizable.

Brand consistency refers to making sure that your brand voice is cohesive. You want it to stay the same across all platforms, across your messages, across your advertising, and you want to make sure that you’re putting the same message out everywhere that you are present.

In regards to anything visual, anything graphics. I know for myself it is very tempting to get carried away, but you are really doing yourself a disservice if you’re getting sidetracked with these things.

It’s really important to solidify your branded font, icon, and colour pallet.

You really want your brand to be low resolution in the idea that you don’t want people to be stopping and thinking about it. You want to be part of the local landscape. You want to be a business that is instantly recognizable.

If you are releasing too many colours, fonts, symbols, icons, and such, you’re starting to stray away from that recognition and people will have to stop and wonder “what’s that symbol”. You do not want that!

You want people to instantly see your branding and go “I know that business”.

Take Artrageous for example. You are likely reading this article on our website, where you can see our font, colours, and logo. They match perfectly to the branding in the video above, as well as the thumbnail for the video. All of our business cards, signage, social media posts, and digital advertisements stick to the same branding principles mentioned in this blog post to ensure we are consistent across all platforms.

Those are some quick ways that you can maintain your brand consistency.

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