Is Your Logo Speaking for Your Brand? Signs It’s Time for a Refresh

The Importance of a Logo Before delving into when to refresh your logo, it’s crucial to understand the significance it holds for your brand. A logo serves as the cornerstone of your brand identity and communicates your company’s values, products, and services to the target audience. Defining Your Brand Identity A well-crafted logo helps establish […]

How To Build and Maintain Brand Consistency

Today we are going to discuss how you can build and maintain brand consistency to ensure your brand is instantly recognizable. Brand consistency refers to making sure that your brand voice is cohesive. You want it to stay the same across all platforms, across your messages, across your advertising, and you want to make sure […]

How To Track Video Minutes Watched on Facebook

Today I’m going to discuss the importance of videos on social media channels like Facebook and how you can track video minutes watched.  When you’ve published a video to your page, you can see basic information like the number of people reached or the engagements on that piece of content. Even likes and comments or […]

How To Humanize Your Corporate Content

Today, we’re going to talk about humanizing your corporate content. Corporations seem to struggle lots with talking in a natural way. I see a lot of posts; for example, that say, “We at,” or “here at.” Then they go on to talk about it.  First and foremost, your social media content already says where it’s […]

Why You Need to Create Purpose-Driven Content in 2022

Today, I want to talk about purpose-driven content and what that means. I’ve heard from a lot of friends, customers, business associates, etc. And they struggle with the concept of purpose-driven content.    What Is Purpose-Driven Content Marketing? What that basically means is that when you’re thinking about putting out content for your social channels […]

How Your Organic Social Media Marketing Can Deliver Real Results

I keep meeting with companies who struggle to speak and create great content on social media. They often don’t understand the purpose of social media marketing and how to do it effectively. Sure, you can buy some ads, but how do you create organic social media content with a real purpose? Why will people look […]

7 Branding Principles from Coca-Cola you can apply to YOUR business today!

I am often asked from clients how they can get the best results for their business. How can they market effectively? How can they stand out among their competitors? And how can they do it on a small to medium scale budget? My answer is generally one thing…. Coca-Cola. Usually the first response I get […]

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