Playing to your Strengths and Passions



Clarence: I think every successful business focuses on its client/customer first.

Levi: What would you say is your number 1 piece of advice to someone just starting out?

Clarence: You have to have a passion for what you are doing. You have to have a purpose. Then you have to have a comfortable business model. Then you just have to treat people with love and respect.

Clarence: Only do what you want to do, and only do what you are good at. Hire the rest out, and that is how you'll grow.

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How to Get Your Foot in the Door

David: I didn't know I would be an entrepreneur. I was a university dropout, and I came west with my ski boots and skis to see if I could see the Rockies and clear my head. I just answered an ad to be a salesperson, because I thought to myself, if I just sold 1 house a month, I'd make as much as I would working 40 hours a week at my current job.

Levi: How have you stayed on top for so long?

David: If I get in the door, I will win 3/4 of the business. I have to get in the door. I don't sell homes. I am a real estate advisor, I own rental real estate, and I own commercial real estate. I know the numbers. I don't just say "here is a nice home, do you like the kitchen?".

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seo specialist pointing at a google analytics graph showing increase in website traffic

How We Got a Local Aesthetics Company to Rank #1 on Google

Getting your business to rank on the first page of Google can be a challenge. It's easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. But never fear! In this blog post, we'll show you how we got a local aesthetics company to rank #1 on Google for their desired keyword.

The client in question is a medium-sized aesthetics company in Canada. They wanted to rank #1 for their nail and botox services, along with a couple of other keywords. Here are the steps we took to help them achieve their goal of ranking #1 on Google:

1) Keyword Research

We started by conducting keyword research. This is an important step because you need to make sure you're targeting the right keywords. If you target a keyword that's too broad, you'll have a difficult time ranking. But if you target a keyword that's too specific, you'll miss out on potential traffic. After conducting our research and consulting with the client, we agreed that the client should focus on the keywords "lethbridge botox" and "lethbridge nail salon."

2) On-page Optimization

Once we had our keywords, we optimized the client's website for SEO. This involved making sure the website was mobile-friendly and had fast loading times. We also made sure that all of the website's content was relevant and informative. And of course, we included the keywords throughout the specific service pages in a natural way. Optimizing the website's meta titles and descriptions was also a key factor.

3) Backlink Building

In addition to optimizing the website, we also created a backlink strategy. This helped the client's website become more authoritative and improved its chances of ranking higher in Google.

4) Local Google Business Profile

Their local Google business listing was also part of our strategy. We made sure that their Google Business Profile was complete with relevant business categories, services, photos, contact info, and a search engine optimized business description. We also encouraged our client to ask for more Google reviews from their happy customers.

5) Tracking Progress and Results

seo specialist pointing at a google analytics graph showing increase in website traffic

Finally, we monitored the client's progress and made adjustments as necessary. This is an important step because it allows you to fine-tune your strategy and ensure that you're on track to achieving your goals.
Thanks to our efforts, the client's website is now ranking #1 on Google for their desired keyword. If you want to achieve similar results for your business, contact us today! We'd be happy to help you out.

Achieving a top spot on Google is no easy feat—but it's definitely possible with the help of a qualified digital marketing agency. At Artrageous, we specialize in SEO and have helped countless businesses just like yours achieve their goals of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Contact us today to see how we can help your business achieve similar results!

Adapting to Change in Your Industry

Richard: The company has been around 42 years already. I bought in as an owner 8 years ago. I have actually been working for the company for 27 years.

Levi: What inspired you to get into an entrepreneurial role?

Richard: I kind of hit the top of the managerial role here at the company. When that happened I thought "Is this where I stop or do I make the jump to Owner?".

Levi: If you had a piece of advice you could pass on to someone, what would it be?

Richard: Hard work and change! Whether you are in the legacy part of your business, it's going to take hard work to consistently keep moving and going forward, otherwise, you are going to become stagnant. Even furnace models have changed. Air conditioner models have changed. If we're not staying on top of that, we are outdating ourselves. You have to change. If you are not willing to change, you are going to become a dinosaur. We don't have dinosaurs anymore.

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How to Grow and Sustain a Small Town Business

Jay: My first grocery store was a franchise, but now I am a complete independent. There's nobody to tell me what to do or how to do it. I prefer this way, but it is harder.

Levi: What are some of the challenges of operating an independent grocery store?

Jay: If you want amenities in your small communities, you have to do your part to support them. I try to shop local as much as I can.

Jay: To be a successful entrepreneur, of course you need drive, but you are going to need money, and you are going to have to take on risk. That's all on top of working hard.

Levi: Is there one thing you would have told yourself knowing what you know today, back when you first started?

Jay: It's going to take a lot more money and hard work than you think. But it is definitely worth it.

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20 Year Overnight Success

Jonas: We are celebrating our 35th year in business next month. We started in 1987, and I was here at that time, so I've been here from the start. I was down in the parts department building the shelves that you still see there now.

Levi: What was your position at that time?

Jonas: My position was whatever I was told to do. I washed cars, and changed oil. That was part time because I was still in school. I started full time back in 1991.

Levi: When did you become the Dealer Principal?

Jonas: That took quite a while, of course. Being the Dealer Principal means your the person running the dealership.

Jonas: My dad has always said to me "You know what Jonas, it takes 20 years to become an overnight success".

Levi: I like to reiterate that any chance I get, because some people don't realize how long it took to get where you are.

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Customer Service and Being a Face in The Community

Liz: There was a lot of stressful nights. We said, "We need to innovate. We need to try something different. We need to dig a little deeper.". Even the Cafe, people thought we were nuts. But it was unused space here. We had people saying, "I'm so hungry every time I leave the gym".

Liz: Local businesses have a pretty good grasp on customer service.


Liz: Our staff know that they will always be taken care of. We are family.

Levi: I had to let someone go recently, and it sucks. I hate letting people go. It's like a breakup. I actually care about them even though it didn't work out. This wasn't the right place for them, and the longer I hold onto them, the longer I'm holding them back from their own opportunities.

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Putting in the Time to Run a Successful Business

Bernie: Think big but start small. You have to have a dream and try to attain that dream. It's baby steps at first.


Levi: Do you think it's advantageous to spend some time working in the industry that you are thinking about starting a business in?

Bernie: I think it has merit for sure. Just so that you can instruct your staff in the correct way to do things. If you don't know, how can you teach others?


Bernie: There may be overnight successes out there. But they are few and far between. Most will have to put a lot of time in. Starting your own business, thinking you will be able to work an 8-5, probably won't work. You need to put some time in. Even still today, I put 12 hours a day.

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How To Successfully Manage Your Team

Tim: We try to reduce the workload for our employees. In the car industry, because we are so performance driven, and our employees get paid better when they perform, it can be stressful, but that doesn't mean that their experiences shouldn't be considered. We need our team members to have a really good experience, because that will translate to our customers. Too much pressure means that things start to fall apart.

Levi: So you bought in to the company in 2015. What was that feeling like?

Tim: Actually it's an interesting lesson. Yes, it was important, and yes I'm lucky, and yes I deserved it, but unless I treated my staff right, unless I had a good time at work and enjoyed my job, that didn't matter at all.

Tim: I learned that it's more of an opportunity to be of service to your staff, and be a servant to them and help them be better.

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How to Start Networking for Your Business

Chelsea: I was ready for a challenge and I was ready to learn something new. I went out and was seeking new connections. I was trying to figure out where there were gaps in the industry. I got out there and I was networking, and I found it very difficult.

Chelsea: At that time, you had to sell yourself. I didn't like talking about myself, it felt egotistical. So I had to learn to do that organically. I was doing it because there was value in what I was sharing. Over those 2 years, I really grew my network.

Chelsea: As I was growing my network, I was doing market research also. Finding out "what are your struggles with networking and connecting? What resources do you need in the community that would help you grow your business?"

Chelsea: For a year straight I committed to 5 interviews a day. It was so much work. You meet a lot of people and learn a lot about the community.

Levi: Right now people might see Chelsea, the owner of Collective, and think that you made it. But they won't know how much work went into you getting here.

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