3 Simple SEO Tips for Improved Rankings

Simple SEO Tips for Improved Rankings

If you’re looking for some quick and effective SEO tips, you might want to take a look at the information provided below.

1. Improve Your URL’s, Titles, and Page Descriptions

Make your page titles meaningful. As an example, if you have an accounting firm targeting corporate clients, make sure title is something like “ABC Accounting – Best Corporate Accounting in Lethbridge”.

Next, you’ll want to add a good description. Something like “We are located in downtown Lethbridge and offer some of the most competitive corporate accounting prices”.

Lastly, you’ll want a well-formatted URL. If your current domain is ABCA.com, and you have a page about the services you offer at “ABCA.com/services”, you might want to consider purchasing a domain that will better describe your business, such as “abcaccounting.com”, and have more specific URL such as “abcaccounting.com/corporate-accounting-services”.

2. Provide Accurate, Useful and Up-to-Date Content

Your website is a 24-hour employee. Customers will visit your site at all hours, meaning your website needs to represent your business appropriately and engage with what the customer is searching for.

If your content is old and out of date, then your visitors are more likely to leave the site or not click on it at all. This should be given more emphasis now that Google can display date stamps in search results, indicating the last time the page was updated.

We recommend you do as much as possible to keep your content relevant and fresh to improve your rankings and customer experience. Adding a blog or news section to your website will make a noticeable difference.

3. Improve Page Loading Times

The length of time it takes your website to load is an important SEO factor. Faster loading websites will rank higher in Google and also help generate more page views and potential conversions. We say this because if your site loads quickly, users are more likely to stay on the site and navigate to more pages.

There are a few things that you can do and some others that will likely require an SEO expert or web developer. Here are a couple of things you should get done now…

How to improve website speed for SEO

  1. Reduce the size of images on your website
  2. Move to a higher speed hosting provider
  3. Use Google’s PageSpeed Tools for additional tips