20 Year Overnight Success

Jonas: We are celebrating our 35th year in business next month. We started in 1987, and I was here at that time, so I’ve been here from the start. I was down in the parts department building the shelves that you still see there now.

Levi: What was your position at that time?

Jonas: My position was whatever I was told to do. I washed cars, and changed oil. That was part time because I was still in school. I started full time back in 1991.

Levi: When did you become the Dealer Principal?

Jonas: That took quite a while, of course. Being the Dealer Principal means your the person running the dealership.

Jonas: My dad has always said to me “You know what Jonas, it takes 20 years to become an overnight success”.

Levi: I like to reiterate that any chance I get, because some people don’t realize how long it took to get where you are.

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