1 Simple Trick to Increase Facebook Likes

Hey, everyone, It’s Levi here. Today, I wanted to talk about increasing your Facebook likes and a simple hack that it seems like a lot of people either don’t know about, or have forgotten about, or are unfamiliar with. 

In any case, I was having a conversation with a few friends from the Calgary Facebook pages and they had no idea that this function even existed, so that’s what inspired this post. I want to quickly review this and show you how you can grow your Facebook likes in a really quick and simple way.

What you’ll want to do, basically, as you’re running different pieces of content, or campaigns, you’ll notice that you have a reaction count, so likes, comments, shares. If you click on your likes, it gives you a list of the people who liked that particular piece of content and you’ll notice that anyone who hasn’t liked your page, gives you the option to invite them. This doesn’t mean everyone will join. there will be some that are invited that will choose not to participate, and that’s okay. The main thing is that you can just go on my likes and click, and it’ll send them a direct invitation. The great thing here is that if you’re doing this on a more frequent basis; for example, if you’re doing this with a post from today or yesterday, or even a couple of days ago, if you work on actually clicking on people who like your post, and you go through the list to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. It’s a great opportunity to learn your follower base and also to find people to follow.

It’s a simple little hack that it seems like something that a lot of businesses have forgotten about, or never new in the first place. Make sure you do that frequently. Check your Facebook page. Go to your posts. Check on the likes and make sure that the people that have reacted to your posts, or your pieces of content, have actually been extended an invitation to join your page. 

This is a sure fire way to increase your followers and likes on Facebook over time.

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